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Permabit Technology Corporation pioneers the development of high-performance data efficiency software for storage manufacturers, ODMs, cloud service providers, data centers, software defined storage vendors and professional services organizations. We invent, develop and deliver disruptive  data reduction solutions for high impact differentiation. With 37 patents in the area of data reduction, Permabit leads the industry in performance, scale and resource efficiency via innovation in inline data deduplication, compression, thin provisioning and replication technologies. Our data reduction offerings, range from the ready-to-code, embedded SDK, to the ready-to-run, VDO software for Linux, which  gives cloud and storage providers the ability to quickly deliver solutions that are high performance, high capacity and low TCO for On Premises, Cloud and Hybrid storage.

Our products deliver more than 1 million deduplicated IOPS, three times that of current generation storage arrays; are 80 times more memory efficient than the leading storage Pure play; and scale uniquely across enterprise flash, hybrid and disk, enabling our partners to increase revenues, maintain margin and gain market share by optimizing the capacity of their storage offerings by up to 35x.

If you’re a storage OEM, ODM, cloud service provider, data center manager, hybrid cloud integrator or SDS vendor who believes, as we do, that data efficiency is the single most important trend in the IT industry, then let’s talk

For vendors that still don’t have this functionality in their storage systems (disk or flash), they are rapidly running out of time! You can’t differentiate storage based on hardware any longer, software is the key and data efficiency is the differentiator.
Ben Woo, Managing Director, Neuralytix
Permabit has already delivered data efficiency technologies to OEMs via the data deduplication and thin provisioning capabilities found in its Albireo VDO solution. By adding integrated products for inline compression and replication into the VDO stack, Permabit will be providing its partners with a comprehensive portfolio of data efficiency and storage services to its partners. This is a smart, evolutionary move by Permabit.
Dan Iacono, Storage Systems IDC
Last, but not least, the Permabit Albireo was designed with quick and easy integration in mind. Based on hands-on experience with the Permabit Albireo, ESG Lab believes that Permabit deduplication can be tested within an existing storage system in a matter of weeks.
Brian Garrett, Vice President, ESG Lab
Permabit is once again raising the bar for data optimization. By exceeding one million IOPS in its latest version of Albireo VDO, it is further proving the logic and value that means inline deduplication can, should, and will be, in every enterprise class storage system.
Mark Peters, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group
The Albireo technology from Permabit will save an OEM 18-24 months getting to market, if they can do it at all. This stuff is so far ahead in its capabilities and performance I can't see why you would want to do it yourself, unless you already have it baked. Expect some big announcements from some big players offering primary dedupe based on Albireo as soon as this summer.
Steve Duplessie, Founder and Senior Analyst, ESG
ESG Lab’s experience with nearly all of the vendors that have brought data deduplication solutions to the market indicates that correctly implementing data deduplication is a difficult task that requires man-years of effort. Performance, resource efficiency, and scalability have proven to be particularly challenging for a number of vendors.
Brian Garrett, Vice President, ESG Lab
Deduplication has the highest impact (both anticipated and real) on reducing the amount of data stored.
Laura DuBois, Program Vice President, Storage, IDC
Capacity optimization is rapidly moving into the primary storage domain. Traditional data deduplication approaches have suffered from high CPU overheads, slow performance and limited scalability—making them unusable for primary storage. The appeal of Permabit’s Albireo is that it is fast, requires low overhead and scales out, meaning organizations can realize substantial business value for production systems. The other really important attribute of Albireo is its integration approach which is appealing to storage array OEMs because it makes the technology seamless and transparent to IT staff and applications.
David Vellante, CEO and Co-founder, WIkibon
Permabit has redefined the Primary Storage Optimization (PSO) market by delivering a  high performance, lightweight deduplication solution that can handle the demands of  primary data, and is easily embedded into a wide range of OEM solutions in the market  today. This is the catalyst the industry has been waiting for to drive mainstream adoption  of deduplication for primary storage for all types of data--block and file. OEMs that will leverage this technology will have a one to two year head start over their competition as  we begin seeing deployments of this technology before the end of 2010. Albireo has put  PSO on the fast track.
Arun Taneja, Founder and Analyst, Taneja Group
Albireo, from Permabit, delivers a knock out blow to the issues that makes users resistant to data optimization on primary storage. OEMs that implement Albireo will be well ahead of their competitors providing their customers more efficient storage that yields better cost, data integrity and scales to petabytes. Albireo delivers the deduplication performance that is needed in primary storage and it may be the most significant change for primary storage in 2010 and beyond.
George Crump, Lead Analyst, Storage Switzerland