$1.5 Trillion Reasons Cloud with Data Reduction Wins

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Experts say the hybrid cloud will house 80% of world data by 2020 and that Linux will be the leading OS – making open source THE platform of choice for the cloud era.  From our interactions with large enterprise customers as well as with telco/service providers, we can confirm that both trends are happening in the market.

One metric we have for this is demand for data reduction in the hybrid cloud, which slashes the TCO, offering massive savings and limiting data center build out requirements. It’s this demand that’s driven the release of our new product, VDO for hybrid cloud, which will launch later this month.

VDO 6 provides a complete data reduction solution delivered in a Linux kernel module for seamless and simple installation. Permabit’s data reduction for Linux provides the TCO advantage over Windows and VSAN to drive share gain, helping to ensure that open hybrid cloud will become the most common IT architecture within 10-years! If you are an enterprise or service provider building an open hybrid cloud, you can’t be without the Permabit TCO advantage.

Hybrid cloud constitutes a huge opportunity for Permabit, but more importantly it constitutes a massive transformational force for enterprise and cloud IT.

Think about it, why is MSFT adopting Free BSD and taking very aggressive actions like making SQL Server on Linux and open source .NET available? Because they are smart! 


Here’s the thing to note – whether the data is from a SaaS, PaaS, IoT or mission critical enterprise application source, by 2020, chances are it will be stored in the hybrid cloud on a Linux device reduced with our leading edge technologies. Millions of users will benefit from the TCO advantage of the open hybrid cloud. And with Permabit data reduction, the savings get even sweeter. 

What this means is that the Age of IT Efficiency has finally arrived, ushered in by the open hybrid cloud.  How big is it?  Huge.  Mirantis claims more than 25,000 OpenStack customer projects are underway with them alone!

Hybrid Cloud by the Numbers

Louis Imershein exposed the benefits of open hybrid cloud adoption and what Permabit brings to the Linux party in his blog. The trend is nothing short of transformational.

Data centers cost an astronomical $3,000/square foot to build.  Assuming analysts are correct; by 2020 80% of data will be in the cloud, Linux will achieve 60% market share and Permabit VDO will be broadly deployed to reduce data, here’s the impact we can expect:

With density increases and cloud adoption, 5 Billion square feet of data center capacity build out will be avoided or delayed.

$1.5 Trillion in saved/delayed data center build-out costs will be realized. Delaying data center build and expansion is the single largest driver of hybrid cloud ROI and increased density is the key enabler.

By shrinking the footprint of the data center, power and cooling costs are reduced – saving more than $10 billion in electricity costs.

And finally, employing data reduction in the cloud can reduce carbon emissions by 20 million tons.

So, join us for the launch of VDO 6 next week and learn how you can –

Get More into Your Cloud.


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