Why Permabit? Why Now?

“Dedupe is a 5-year and $50 million challenge. I don’t have 5-years and I certainly don’t have $50M to get to effective cost and capacity advantage.”

-Albireo Licensee

Q: Why are leading storage OEMs, ODMs and cloud service providers implementing Albireo deduplication and compression solutions?

A: To accelerate revenue growth and to maintain/expand margins.

Effective cost and effective capacity are the new metrics in primary storage.  By incorporating best of breed Albireo technologies into their storage products, storage vendors can differentiate their offerings with (lower) effective cost and (higher) effective capacity. Permabit solutions are leading the data efficiency transformation. Learn more about Our Edge.

Cost differential Albireo delivers to our partners:cost-differential-chart

Increased Revenue

Q: How does effective cost advantage help OEMs to grow revenue?

A: Effective cost advantage enables OEMs to expand their addressable markets and take market share from peer competitors. For example, mid-range vendors expand in new, demanding workloads like VDI and DB environments, solving more business problems, and high end arrays can expand from OLTP/DB production to DB environments, VDI, virtual server, File and such.  And, with effective cost advantage, OEMs can capture share from peers who lag in storage efficiency.

Results of Albireo Licensees


Increased Margins

Q: Can an OEM discount less and preserve margins?

A: Yes. Every sales team wants a price advantage. With effective cost advantage, Albireo OEMs pass more value to their customers, discount less and achieve higher margins

Sales force advantage illustrated for 100TB array with 60% margin (Sample High End Array Pricing):

Resource and Development Savings

Q: Is dedupe and compression really differentiated?

A: Yes. Not all dedupe and compression is created equally. Albireo’s extreme resource efficiency of just 10GB/100TB is 40x more memory efficient than leading products.  Albireo allows OEMS to retro-fit current platforms with highly differentiated, high performance deduplication and compression without expensive platform upgrades. With Albireo, OEM engineering resources can be focused on differentiating the core technologies and retaining competitive advantage.

Greatly Accelerated Time to Market with Minimal Risk

Q: We have dedupe and compression on the roadmap for 2015.  Is that fast enough and can my team deliver?

A: Unlikely. They may develop a check box feature, but not a competitive solution. Albireo is a hardened technology, shipping in thousands of storage arrays. Available in four forms with ready to deploy and rapid integration into any storage architecture or OS, dramatically reducing product development and allowing for immediate delivery of enterprise class data efficiency solutions, while eliminating the risk of in-house development.


Albireo Business Impact/Storage Savings 2014


Albireo Business Impact/Storage Savings 2013