CalSoft Joins the Permabit Integration Partner Program

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Last week Permabit announced a reseller partnership with Calsoft, Inc, a leading IT services company specializing in storage, networking, virtualization and cloud business verticals.  What may not be obvious from that announcement is that CalSoft is not new to Permabit.  They’ve been offering consulting services to OEMs integrating Permabit products for over five years!  With this announcement, they are extending the availability of their integration services for Permabit-enabled data reduction to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providers including both online service providers and large private installations.

When it comes to IaaS, Calsoft brings niche expertise to assist IaaS providers with services across various elements of IaaS ecosystem in core areas such as virtual data center creation, image management, security, unified management and, of course, software defined storage.  CalSoft has been addressing storage for over 16 years, an area where they provide deep storage expertise and assistance in infrastructure enablement. 

One area where CalSoft brings exceptional experience is in Data Reduction.  With 5 years of experience in Permabit technologies, CalSoft is well equipped to assist data center managers and DevOps teams in deploying and supporting Permabit’s Virtual Data Optimizer (VDO) for Linux when deployed in Public, Private or Hybrid IaaS environments. With the recent announcement, CalSoft is a reseller of the Permabit VDO software.  This means CalSoft can now deliver a complete IaaS package, incorporating advanced deduplication and compression, without customers having to go to Permabit directly.  By offering data reduction directly to their customers they become a single point of contact for assistance with planning, deployment, ongoing maintenance and support.

To learn more about CalSoft’s IaaS-enablement experience as well as their extensive Cloud Enablement Service capabilities visit

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Louis Imershein As Vice President of Product at Permabit, Louis Imershein is responsible for product management and strategic planning. He has 25 years of technical leadership experience in product management, software development and technical support. Prior to Permabit, Imershein was a Senior Product Marketing Manager for the Sun Microsystems Data Management Group. Before joining Sun, he was at SCO where his titles included Product Manager, Software Architect and Senior Technical Lead. Imershein has a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Science from the University of California, Santa Cruz and has earned certificates in software design, device driver development, system administration, and software testing.

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