Data Reduction for Backup


Backup is a double-edged sword.  Every time data is backed up it requires more storage, but more completed backups represent more opportunities to recover mission critical data should disaster strike.

Incremental and full backups, all done in parallel across multiple data sources lead to the potential for massive storage sprawl, yet greater protection requires more and more storage. The answer to this problem has always been to use data deduplication, either through a special purpose backup appliance or via capabilities built into a backup software package.

Unfortunately, traditional primary data reduction solutions were able to not provide benefit in the backup use case because they were unable to handle formats such as tar and zip because they are not 4K aligned.  To date, this prevented practical unified storage solutions from providing unified data reduction for primary, secondary and backup use cases.


Permabit Solution

Permabit data reduction capabilities allow customers to group physical data stores into global capacity-optimized (deduped/compressed) pools of storage that are then carved up into virtual data stores. This is perfect for the backup use case since many backup streams contain the same data.  Permabit’s Optimizer technology converts backup formats such as tar and zip into 4K aligned data formats to maximize data reduction rates.