Data Reduction for Databases


Today’s databases are growing at a faster rate than ever.  This growth is being driven not just by traditional business continuance applications such as CRM and accounting, but also by the increasing number of intelligent devices communicating with each other through what has become  known as the Internet of Things (IoT). These devices represent a huge range of new data sources from cellphones to home appliances.  Data compression provides a proven method for utilizing storage more effectively in database environments, but the resource intensive nature of the process has traditionally meant that it only gets applied to inactive data sets, which leaves the active data in non-reduced form consuming storage and adding to the cost of data management.

Permabit Solution

Permabit’s HIOPS Compression technology is designed to address the performance requirements of primary OLTP and Data Warehouse environments and to make data more manageable by eliminating redundancy.  Permabit vendors can use this technology to deliver a 2X-5X increase in effective storage capacity while continuing to meet business critical SLOs.  In addition to savings from compression, most database users see tremendous savings from applying deduplication due to the accumulation of copy data in database environments which results in less storage consumption and associated costs.