Data Reduction Use Case: Backup


The main function of backups are to make copies of datasets at a particular point in time and to store them in a different location than the source, so that they can be restored when needed in the event of data loss at the source location. The requirement in many industries that data be backed up multiple times makes backup the predominant consumer of storage in the enterprise (even though backup copies are typically stored on less-expensive media).

Permabit Solution

The introduction of deduplication technology radically transforms the backup use case because it means IT can:

  • Utilize backup storage media more efficiently
  • Speed up backups because less data needs to be written

With deduplication, it is no longer necessary to allocate 10X-30X as much storage for backup as for primary use because only unique blocks of data get stored on the backup media. Deduplication is a must-have for any storage solution that will be a target for a backup use case. What truly differentiates storage products and services that utilize the SDK for this use case is their ability to deliver the highest performance, scalability and low memory footprint.