Forget ‘the Cloud’; ‘the Fog’ Is Tech’s Future – Wall Street Journal

Here’s the reality: Getting data into and out of the cloud is harder than most engineers, or at least their managers, often are willing to admit.

The problem is bandwidth. If you’re a company simply seeking to save the cost and headache of storing data yourself, the cloud is great as long as all you need to do is transfer data back and forth via high-speed wiring.

Luckily there’s an obvious solution: Stop focusing on the cloud, and start figuring out how to store and process the torrent of data being generated by the Internet of Things (also known as the industrial Internet) on the things themselves, or on devices that sit between our things and the Internet.

Marketers at Cisco Systems Inc. have already come up with a name for this phenomenon: fog computing.

Why because the data volumes are accelerating to the point where network bandwidth is getting saturated and the response times we have become accustomed to are more intermittent and will continue to get worse as the data volume grows.

Enter source side data efficiency technology (dedupe and compression) as a solution. By applying data efficiency at the source 50-90% of data can be eliminated from the data stream reducing the load on the network and enabling bandwidth optimization!.  Its available today!    

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