HIOPS Compression: Finally, Enterprise Data Efficiency for OLTP Workloads!

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Today, Permabit announced HIOPS compression, our latest data efficiency solution and our first product specifically targeted at the $11.6 Billion structured data segment of the enterprise storage market.  Compression savings of 3X-5X can be achieved in database environments; and data efficiency software has been a popular software option for data warehousing applications.  However, the performance overhead of compression has (up to now) made it impractical for Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) environments – those characterized by predominantly random workloads and very small record sizes.

The first data compression solution optimized to handle intensive Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) and Big Data workflows, HIOPS compression was designed from the ground up to be deployed in solutions from leading primary storage vendors. HIOPS uses a parallelized, multi-core packing algorithm that is able to process many simultaneous compression operations to deliver the fastest compression in the storage industry. In fact, the same in-house reference platform I’ve been talking about for several months is able to sustain 2.6 GB/s sequential write speeds and 650,000 (4K) mixed (70/30 R/W) IOPS with both HIOPS compression AND Albireo data deduplication running on the same system. 

How does HIOPS stand up the other solutions out there today?  We used performance numbers derived from published materials from NetApp, EMC (VNX), IBM, and Pure Storage and compared them to results from our Permabit Labs reference system.  In all cases, the HIOPS compression outperformed the other products!

Beginning this week, HIOPS is being made available as part of Permabit’s Albireo Virtual Data Optimizer (VDO) solutions including the Linux-based VDO and cross-platform eVDO products. VDO provides drop-in data efficiency for Linux-based architectures, delivering HIOPS compression, along with data deduplication and fine-grained (4K) thin provisioning in an easy to install and administer Linux device-mapper module. For non-Linux solutions, the eVDO product provides storage developers with customizable support for their specific OS and block storage layer-specific functions.To learn more about how HIOPS works, stay tuned for Permabit CTO Jered Floyd’s blog where he dives into the HIOPS technology in detail.

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Louis Imershein As Vice President of Product at Permabit, Louis Imershein is responsible for product management and strategic planning. He has 25 years of technical leadership experience in product management, software development and technical support. Prior to Permabit, Imershein was a Senior Product Marketing Manager for the Sun Microsystems Data Management Group. Before joining Sun, he was at SCO where his titles included Product Manager, Software Architect and Senior Technical Lead. Imershein has a Bachelor’s degree in Biological Science from the University of California, Santa Cruz and has earned certificates in software design, device driver development, system administration, and software testing.

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