HIOPS Compression


HIOPS™ is the next generation of data compression from Permabit.  Designed for use in primary storage environments, HIOPS is the only solution on the market able to support the performance requirements of even the most demanding OLTP workloads.

HIOPS Compression is delivered within Permabit’s Albireo Virtual Data Optimizer (VDO).
Albireo VDO with HIOPS is the first and only data efficiency software to offer inline, “always-on” data deduplication, compression and thin provisioning in a single solution. All three technologies (compression, deduplication and thin provisioning) are must-haves for storage vendors that wish to address typical F1000 performance requirements and to differentiate their products based on the availability of superior data efficiency technologies.

Business Value

$11 Billion dollars a year, half of all enterprise storage annual spending, goes towards structured data generated by leading database solutions from Oracle, Microsoft, SAP and others.[IDC]  Structured data is highly compressible with compression savings of 3x-5x common across database environments. Few compression technologies on the market today, however, are capable of handling the heavy random I/O workloads found in these environments, while delivering the required I/O performance necessary for Online Transaction Processing (OLTP).

Permabit’s HIOPS compression is designed to address this market need. Incorporating HIOPS with Albireo VDO enables storage OEMS to provide solutions for the high end OLTP market and to offer the highest levels of data reduction and fastest performance in the storage industry today.

Increased Revenue
HIOPS compression enables OEMs to expand their market footprint by offering storage solutions for broader market use cases such as primary storage databases. In conjunction with Albireo VDO, HIOPS creates a storage offering that is optimized for inline deduplication and inline compression. This combined solution provides a unique competitive edge not found in any other primary storage solutions on the market today.

Increased Margins
The combination of high performance inline compression with deduplication enables storage OEMS to greatly increase the effective capacity of their offerings and to sell more cost effective storage at higher margins rather than reducing margins to sell less effective options.

Greatly Accelerated Time to Market with Minimal Risk
HIOPS compression operates in concert with Albireo VDO deduplication and thin provisioning and  “Just works” out-of-the-box with existing file systems and data management features.  It supports existing Linux-based unified storage solutions without modification and a wide range of Linux distributions including CentOS, Debian, Red Hat, SuSE and Ubuntu and can be implemented in a months with minimal development resources, increasing time to market and decreasing internal development costs.

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Rapid deployment time Operates in concert with Albireo VDO deduplication and thin provisioning.
“Just works” out-of-the-box with existing file systems and data management features.
Inline compression Storage space is immediately optimized without having to wait for a post-process optimization step
Block-level compression Provides fine grained optimization
Dedupe before compression Only compresses unique blocks the first time they are seen eliminating need for CPU cycles to compress duplicate blocks
High performance random IO Performs many compression operations in parallel. Only uncompresses requested blocks providing consistent performance across all workloads
No Garbage Collection Ensures consistent performance and efficiency across all workloads

How it Works

HIOPS has been optimized to leverage the advanced Albireo deduplication capabilities in VDO. While other solutions compress their data before doing deduplication (because of the performance overhead of their deduplication operation), HIOPS applies Albireo high performance inline deduplication first, analyzing data to determine if it has previously been seen.


Blocks that have been previously stored are not written again. Instead, deduplication is applied and VDO’s Virtual Block Layer keeps track of the duplicate blocks.  If a block represents unique data, HIOPS compresses it and packs it together with other compressed blocks within a single physical block.  This process is heavily parallelized, so many blocks can be packed together into many physical blocks at once.  Performing deduplication first, saves processing cycles, reduces storage consumption, and increases compression throughput efficiency. Learn more about how our groundbreaking HIOPS Compression technology works.

HIOPs Compression Key Benefits

  • Reduces the effective cost of storage by as much as 5X without performance impact
  • Supports performance required for OLTP operations
  • Leverages today’s multi-core processors with massive parallelization to deliver industry leading 650K IOPS (4K) in mixed (70/30) read-write operations
  • Delivers inline, consistent performance ideal for flash and/or HDD deployments
  • Provides substantial storage consumption savings across structured and unstructured data
  • Enhances the industry-leading efficiency of Albireo VDO by delivering the only data efficiency solution that provides inline high performance solutions for BOTH deduplication and compression

Competitive Advantages

Data compression has been a core technology for many years. By exploiting the use of multi-core systems, Permabit has developed parallelization techniques that deliver compression performance not previously considered possible. HIOPS Compression:

  • Outperforms all competing enterprise storage compression on the market by more than 2X.
  • Delivers compression scalability up to 4 petabytes, orders of magnitude greater than competitors.
  • Leverages the industry-leading data deduplication and thin provisioning capabilities of Albireo VDO to deliver the storage industry’s highest performing data reduction technology.
  • With VDO enables storage OEMs to implement industry leading data reduction technology today without delay.