Why Become a Permabit Reseller?

If you’re a Software Defined Storage Supplier, reseller or distributor that delivers Linux-based storage for cloud or hybrid cloud solutions, you could be offering Permabit Albireo VDO, the best data reduction on the market, tomorrow.

VDO (Virtual Data Optimizer) is a ready-to-run software package that delivers block-level deduplication, compression and thin provisioning capabilities to Linux storage and is uniquely designed to work with HDD, flash, and Hybrid storage.

As a member of the Permabit Reseller program, you’ll be able to offer capacity-optimized storage solutions that give your data center customers higher data density. Maximizing storage density in today’s efficiency-driven data center environments not only cuts storage costs but also reduces operating costs. And, with increased data density, your customers can minimize the need for costly data center expansion.

Permabit Reseller partners benefit from:

  • Preferential Terms: Permabit will provide you with preferential licensing rates for Albireo data reduction software to allow you incorporate storage efficiency into your customer’s environments.
  • Early Access: Access to the newest pre-release products from Permabit, with ample time to develop new services around new capabilities before they hit the market.
  • Certification: Your organization will be trained by Permabit subject matter experts to identify best practices and architectural guidance in streamlining your data reduction service offerings.
  • Joint Marketing: In addition to a joint press release, analyst coverage, and speaking opportunities, Permabit will work with your marketing organization to tell the story about what makes your data reduction services offerings unique. This can include FAQs, datasheets, and presentations — all supported by compelling infographics that tell the story of storage efficiency value to your customers.

For more information on the Permabit Reseller Partner Program email us at sales@permabit.com.

Offer industry leading data reduction for cloud data centers, today.