Permabit Announces One-Year Anniversary of Albireo™ High Performance Data Optimization Software

Albireo is the Industry’s Only Embedded Solution Delivering Primary Data Deduplication Created for Hardware/Software Storage OEMs to Deliver Data Optimization Solutions

CAMBRIDGE, Mass – June 7, 2011 — Permabit Technology Corporation, the leader in the development and delivery of OEM embedded Data Optimized Storage, today announced the one-year anniversary of the introduction of Albireo High Performance Data Optimization Software. Created for hardware and software storage OEMs, Albireo is the industry’s first and only embedded OEM data optimization solution and enables deployment of sub-file deduplication without negatively impacting storage performance.

The year marked many milestones in the areas of product delivery, performance benchmarking, OEM wins, awards and new patents. Since the launch of Albireo in June of 2010, Permabit has announced three generations of the software. The first generation introduced many industry firsts such as:

  • First OEM embeddable deduplication solution
  • First deduplication solution with zero impact to primary storage systems
  • First deduplication system that can be implemented as either a inline, post-process or parallel (also a first) configuration
  • First deduplication solution that can scale to petabytes with negligible degradation in throughput performance

The second generation was announced in October of 2010, which included GX technology. With GX grid technology, Permabit announced the fastest sustained dedupe performance at the industry-leading rate of 77 GB/second, verified by ESG Labs, which is 400 times faster than the next closest competitor.

In March of 2011, Permabit introduced the third generation of Albireo with Virtual Data Optimizer (VDO), including data deduplication and optional compression technology for standard Linux platforms, providing a complete, ready-to-run solution for Linux-based storage OEMs.

Permabit was honored by the following:

  • Wikibon named Albireo the clear winner in both performance and return on investment for IO-intensive workloads in their Capacity Optimization Ratio Effectiveness (CORE) testing, with a record setting score of 254.
  • Wikibon also named Permabit a finalist for the Wikibon CTO Award for Best Enterprise Infrastructure Technology Innovations of 2010, Albireo was honored among the best storage technology innovations, recognized for in-line deduplication on an OEM basis in the Data Efficiency and Simplicity categories.
  • Network Products Guide named Permabit the Innovative IT Company of the Year in their 6th Annual 2011 Hot Companies and Best Products Awards.
  • Network Products Guide also named CTO Jered Floyd a finalist in the CTO of the Year category, honoring his work developing and implementing Albireo over the past year. Albireo was separately honored for its scalability as a finalist in the Storage Solutions category for its ability to deploy sub-file deduplication technology without negatively impacting storage performance.

Permabit has announced OEM contracts with BlueArc, the world’s fastest NAS NFS storage provider and a leader in scalable, high-performance unified network storage and with Xiotech, the leader in Intelligent Application Storage.

Over the past year, Permabit has been awarded four additional patents in the areas of data deduplication and records retention, including key patents in data deduplication for secure data sharing in the cloud. With these new patents, Permabit now holds 23 patents in areas including basic concepts in data deduplication, cloud storage, data protection and archive.

Supporting Quotes:
“I don’t see any other real alternatives for OEM’s to be able to quickly get to market with lightning fast dedupe capabilities for primary, secondary, or really anydary storage. Albireo rocks.” said Steve Duplessie, Founder & Sr. Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group, Inc.

“Primary storage optimization has emerged as the most important technology in the storage industry,” said Tom Cook, CEO of Permabit. “No one disputes data is growing rapidly. Albireo reduces data footprint and effective storage costs by 5-35X without performance impact and at scale. Dedupe has emerged as a required core competency in primary storage just as it has in backup.”

About Permabit

Permabit is the leader in the development and delivery of Data Optimized Storage. It delivers Albireo; the only embedded high performance OEM data optimization software, as well as integrated solutions in the Permabit Enterprise Archive and Cloud Storage offerings. Permabit’s Albireo High Performance Data Optimization Software enables OEMs to leverage their R&D investments, increase margin and accelerate time to market for next–generation unified storage platforms. Permabit was founded in 2000 by a technical and business team from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. For more information, visit:

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