Permabit Breaks the One Million IOPS Inline Deduplication Barrier

Proves deduplication scalability to highest performing enterprise storage systems

CAMBRIDGE, Mass – November 6, 2013  – Permabit Technology Corporation, the recognized leader in data efficiency technology, announced today that its Albireo Virtual Data Optimizer (VDO) software has exceeded the one million IOPS performance barrier for inline data deduplication enabling it to be integrated into the highest performing enterprise storage arrays.

The latest version of Albireo VDO has been updated to take advantage of today’s modern multi-core, multi-processor, scale-out architectures to deliver maximum performance. To demonstrate this performance, Permabit has assembled a reference storage system from industry standard components including a dual processor server based on the Intel Sandy Bridge architecture and off-the-shelf flash cards.

The reference architecture delivers over 1 million sequential 4K IOPS (4 GB/s) and 500 thousand random (2 GB/s) under workloads generated using the flexible I/O tester (fio).  These results are three or more times faster than the published deduplication performance numbers of other high-end storage arrays.

Today’s enterprises deploy high-end storage systems to increase the performance of mission critical and I/O intensive applications such as databases, virtual servers and virtual desktops.  While deduplication greatly reduces storage costs, the challenge up until now has been developing a deduplication algorithm that could run at the high-end of enterprise speeds.  Albireo VDO is the only inline deduplication technology that can scale to high-end enterprise speeds and petabyte sized deployments.

“Data efficiency has burst on to the storage scene as a high-value product requirement,” said Tom Cook, CEO of Permabit. “Breaking the 1M IOPS barrier with inline deduplication means even the highest performing storage arrays will have advanced data efficiency incorporated over the next two years. The result is a huge windfall for IT efficiency.”

“Permabit is once again raising the bar for data optimization,” said Mark Peters, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. “By exceeding one million IOPS in its latest version of Albireo VDO, it is further proving the logic and value that means inline deduplication can, should, and will be, in every enterprise class storage system.”

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