Permabit Executive Co-Hosts Primary Storage Deduplication Webcast with Storage Switzerland

Company CTO Jered Floyd joins Lead Analyst George Crump to discuss 'What is Breaking Deduplication' in one-hour web meeting

CAMBRIDGE, Mass – June 19, 2012 – Jered Floyd, CTO of Permabit Technology Corporation, a recognized leader in data efficiency technology, will join Storage Switzerland Lead Analyst George Crump to discuss how IT managers can utilize deduplication to help overcome challenges in primary storagein a one-hour web meeting June 21 at 1:00 p.m. EDT.

Entitled “What is Breaking Deduplication?” the Storage Switzerland webcast will tackle the Top 4 reasons why efficient, scalable and high performance deduplication is conspicuously absent from primary storage. The session will review the key issues that must be addressed to ensure deduplication engines are ready to handle the specific criteria of primary storage and the questions IT managers should ask prospective vendors to confirm that they will be getting a well-vetted deduplication engine that will stand the test of time.

According to Crump, “Deduplication is in danger of becoming a ‘checkbox’ feature, where as long as the vendor says they have it, the user is satisfied with that as an answer. In reality all deduplication features are not created equal. If users don’t ask the right questions, they may end up with a deduplication technology that impacts long term performance and places their data at risk. That’s why I am excited to be hosting Permabit’s CTO Jered Floyd in our webinar ‘What is Breaking Deduplication’ so we can clear the air about deduplication and provide users and suppliers with the information they need.”

“Deduplication continues to be viewed as a key requirement in the backup and archive arenas, but has been severely overlooked as a tool to help on the primary side of the storage equation,” said Floyd.  “The ability for deduplication to significantly improve primary storage performance and economics is not some pie-in-the-sky objective, but rather a real solution to a real problem that is growing in importance every day.  This webcast will not only provide insight into why deduplication can be used to solve issues of primary data storage, but will discuss how IT managers should implement deduplication technology into their storage architecture to insure improvements in storage efficiencies.”

Storage vendors and IT managers interested in attending the web meeting may register for the event on the Storage Switzerland website at

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