Permabit Honored by Wikibon for Introduction of In-Line Data Deduplication

Albireo acknowledged in CTO Award for scoring highest rating on Wikibon CORE methodology

CAMBRIDGE, Mass – April 26, 2011 — Permabit Technology Corporation, the leader in the development and delivery of Data Optimized Storage, today announced that Wikibon has named them a finalist in the Wikibon CTO Award for Best Enterprise Infrastructure Technology Innovations for 2010. Since 2008, Wikibon has presented CTO awards for the best storage technology innovations and are now honoring Permabit’s Albireo technology for in-line deduplication on an OEM basis in the Data Efficiency and Simplicity categories.

Permabit launched Albireo High Performance Data Optimization Software in June of 2010 as the industry’s first OEM embedded primary data optimization software. Albireo is a powerful sub-file level deduplication solution that can be flexibly integrated as a parallel, inline, or post-process solution. It enables OEMs to leverage their existing R&D investments, increase margin and accelerate time-to-market with next-generation data optimization – for primary storage and replication. This sub-file deduplication technology does not negatively impact storage performance, and continues to deploy full feature sets ensuring data integrity is not impacted.

In October of 2010, the company announced its next generation version of Albireo with new GX technology providing breakthrough performance and scalability for the industry’s first and only OEM embedded data optimization solution delivering real-time primary data deduplication. In Wikibon’s Capacity Optimization Ratio Effectiveness (CORE) analysis in December of 2010, the technology sustained dedupe throughput at an industry leading rate of 77 GB/second in a grid configuration and was the clear winner in both performance and return on investment for IO-intensive workloads.

“In 2011, storage companies will need to address data growth issues with data optimization technologies,” said Tom Cook, CEO of Permabit. “As the industry feels the impact of big data, it is clear that companies that implement data optimization will have huge competitive advantage. We’re thrilled that Wikibon has recognized our game changing deduplication technology that massively reduces the cost of the data storage without performance impact.”

“2010 saw a significant trend towards unified storage and data efficiency services such as compression, de-duplication and space-efficient virtual copies that can be applied to file- and block-based primary storage,” said David Vellante, co-founder of Wikibon. “Wikibon expects that these technologies will become standard offerings within storage arrays, and will be fully integrated. Permabit, with its introduction of Albireo, represents an exceedingly fast, low overhead in-line de-duplication OEM offering for primary storage. Notably, Albireo scored the highest rating of any technology on the Wikibon CORE methodology, a measure of storage optimization technology ROI.”

About Permabit

Permabit is the leader in the development and delivery of Data Optimized Storage. It delivers Albireo; the only embedded high performance OEM data optimization software, as well as integrated solutions in the Permabit Enterprise Archive and Cloud Storage offerings. Permabit’s Albireo High Performance Data Optimization Software enables OEMs to leverage their R&D investments, increase margin and accelerate time to market for next–generation unified storage platforms. Permabit was founded in 2000 by a technical and business team from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. For more information, visit:

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