Permabit Sponsors Storage Technology Research at the Center for Research in Intelligent Storage

Shared Research to Drive Innovation in Data Optimization Technologies

CAMBRIDGE, Mass – May 30, 2012 – Permabit Technology Corporation, a recognized leader in data efficiency technology, today announced the company is the latest sponsor of the Center for Research in Intelligent Storage (CRIS).  The Center, established at the University of California, Santa Cruz and the University of Minnesota, has been a National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center since 2009, developing new technologies and techniques to improve the usability, scalability, security, reliability, and performance of storage systems.

Permabit’s contribution to CRIS will support continued advance research and development to improve the efficiency of storage systems.  Permabit’s years of technology innovation will be added to the expertise of leading researchers and storage companies including EMC, HP, IBM, Los Alamos National Laboratory, National Science Foundation, Network Appliance, Northrop Grumman, Samsung, Seagate and Xyratex.

“Our members, including Permabit, along with leading university researchers share royalty free access to IP being developed,” said Ethan L. Miller, CRIS Site Director, University of California, Santa Cruz.  “This allows member companies to leverage their existing investment in IP even further and enhance innovation in cutting edge technologies like deduplication, archival storage, searchable file systems, provenance and metadata, and new storage device technologies including flash memory and shingled disk.”

In 2010, Permabit introduced its flagship product, Albireo Data Optimization Software, the storage industry’s first OEM embedded data optimization software. Albireo is a portable software library that massively improves performance and efficiency of data creation, transmission and storage.  Solutions with Albireo inside are delivered by leading hardware, software and service providers.

“Permabit is committed to driving innovation, and the adoption of data optimization technologies for all users regardless of size of company,” said Jered Floyd, CTO and Founder of Permabit. “The collaboration and sharing of research at the CRIS is unparalleled in the industry and we’re excited to be joining efforts with many of the world’s leading technology companies.”

About Permabit

Permabit is a recognized leader in data efficiency technology, enabling OEMs to leverage their R&D investment, increase margin, accelerate time to market and achieve competitive advantage. Permabit Albireo software massively improves performance and efficiency of data creation, transmission and storage. Solutions built with Albireo are being delivered by leading hardware, software and service providers. Our partners include Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), LSI, and StoneFly. Permabit was founded in 2000 by a technical and business team from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. For more information, visit:

About Center for Research in Intelligent Storage (CRIS)

The Center for Research in Intelligent Storage (CRIS) is a partnership between universities and industry, featuring high-quality, industrially relevant fundamental research, strong industrial support of collaboration in research and education, and direct transfer of university developed ideas, research results, and technology to U.S. industry to improve its competitive posture in world markets. Through innovative education of talented graduate and undergraduate students, CRIS is providing the next generation of scientists and engineers with a broad, industrially oriented perspective on engineering research and practice. For more information on the CRIS and the research done since 2001, visit:

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