Permabit Wraps Up 2014 with New Data Efficiency Products, Partners and Patents

CAMBRIDGE, Mass – December 16, 2014 – Permabit Technology Corporation, the innovative leader in data efficiency technology, today announced that it has successfully ended the year, adding new capabilities to its latest release of Albireo SANblox™, signing key new partnership agreements and being awarded two patents in the area of data reduction.

Albireo SANblox, which the company released earlier this fall, is the storage industry’s first high-performance data efficiency appliance for Fibre Channel SAN arrays, and the only appliance on the market to deliver inline deduplication, compression and now thin provisioning. Internal thin provisioning expands the applicability of SANblox to include storage units that do not have this important data efficiency feature built in. SANblox can be deployed in all-flash, hybrid or HDD environments in a matter of hours to provide typical 6:1 data reduction benefits.

“We continue to enhance the SANblox product with additional data efficiency capabilities based on customer demand,” said Louis Imershein, Senior Director of Product Strategy at Permabit.  “For enterprise storage systems that do not have their own thin provisioning technology, we have added built-in thin provisioning that tightly integrates with our inline deduplication and compression to provide support for the broadest range of enterprise storage solutions while delivering the highest possible return on investment.”

Permabit’s deep commitment to partners enables the quick delivery of industry-transforming data efficiency solutions that allow customers to cut effective cost, increase effective capacity and address their customers’ universal requirement to purchase more storage for less money.  In the months following the SANblox release, Permabit has announced partnerships with EMC and NetApp to further extend the reach of its data reduction solutions.

In addition, the company was recently assigned two new patents, bringing the total awarded to 34 in a technology space where little patent whitespace remains. Notably, US Patent No. 8,898,107, issued November 25, 2014, expands the claims of Permabit’s earlier core Albireo patent to include a variety of different techniques for integrating a memory-efficient deduplication index into a storage system.

About Permabit

Permabit pioneers development of data efficiency technologies. Our innovative data deduplication, compression and thin provisioning products enable the world’s leading storage OEMs to cut effective cost, accelerate performance, reduce time to market and gain competitive advantage. Just as server virtualization revolutionized the economics of compute, our data reduction technologies are transforming storage economics, today.

Permabit is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts with operations in California, Texas, Florida, Korea and Japan. For more information, visit

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