Permabit’s Jered Floyd Named CTO of Year by Network Products Guide

Jered Floyd recognized for driving innovation in new and emerging data optimization technologies

CAMBRIDGE, Mass – May 16, 2012 – Permabit Technology Corporation, a recognized leader in data efficiency technology, today announced that Network Products Guide has named Jered Floyd, chief technology officer and founder, CTO of the Year in the 7th Annual 2012 Hot Companies and Best Products Awards . These industry and peer awards from Network Products Guide are the world’s premier information technology awards honoring achievements and recognitions in every facet of the IT industry. Winners from all over the world were honored in Las Vegas on Tuesday, May 8, 2012 during the annual dinner and presentations.

As a founder of the company, Jered drives the technology vision for Permabit’s products, including the industry’s first and only embedded data optimization software for OEMs, Albireo. Albireo is patented high-speed data deduplication software designed to meet the needs of flash and hard drive storage vendors, as well as software, and service providers who wish to expand their existing solutions without negatively impacting differentiating capabilities or reducing performance.

His interaction with customers initiated the development of the latest Albireo product offering, Albireo Virtual Data Optimizer (VDO). Albireo VDO provides data deduplication and thin provisioning capabilities for Linux-based storage systems. Over the past year, due in large part to Floyd’s leadership, Permabit has achieved many other milestones. The Software Development Kit (SDK) version of Albireo broke industry performance barriers delivering throughput of over 400 GB/sec allowing it to maintain performance for even the fastest tiers of storage, such as enterprise flash arrays and solid state disk drives. Jered has also been instrumental in Permabit’s 27 storage and deduplication patents. He has kept Permabit at the forefront of data optimization technology and a desired partner among OEMs such as Hitachi Data Systems (HDS), SeaChange Broadcast, and StoneFly.

“We’re thrilled by Jered’s latest recognition for driving innovation in new and emerging data storage and optimization technologies,” said Tom Cook, CEO of Permabit. “He plays a key role in the success of our award winning data optimization technologies and works tirelessly with OEM partners to bring new technologies to market.”


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