Products Overview

Permabit pioneers the development of innovative data reduction technology. Our inline data reduction solutions are unique in their ability to provide performance, scale, resource efficiency and portability across a wide range data storage environments.  Our products, which range from the ready-to-code, embedded SDK to the ready-to-run VDO software for Linux, give cloud and storage providers the ability to get to market quickly with solutions that are high performance, high capacity and low TCO for On Premises, Cloud and Hybrid storage.

Why Albireo Products are Better

Albireo products provide the fastest, most scalable, most resource efficient data reduction capability in the world. Performance is  required to keep pace with the fastest flash storage technology. Scalability is essential to support the largest data stores both today and tomorrow. Resource efficiency is critical to ensure that data reduction capabilities fit within the structure of today’s storage systems and can be retrofit to legacy storage without imposing scale or performance limitations.

While many products offer some form of data reduction technology, none are capable of simultaneously delivering on all three – high performance, massive scalability and extreme resource efficiency that’s possible with Albireo.  Adding Albireo to your product portfolio or service offerings


Albireo products are designed from the ground up for small block, high volume, random IO. Albireo SDK, VDO and SANblox deliver industry leading performance, capable of matching the needs of the highest performing flash based storage. For any platform and any architecture, there is an Albireo solution that fits.

Bottom line benefit:

  • Meet the needs of the highest performing storage technologies
  • Lower the effective cost of high performance storage for competitive advantage
  • Improve the performance of hybrid storage via cache expansion, making them competitive with all flash arrays.


Albireo SDK scales to PBs of storage at 4 KB chunk size – for the highest dedupe rates and ROI. Albireo SDK supports any scale-up or scale-out architecture.

Albireo VDO delivers deduplication, compression and fine grained thin provisioning at up to 4 PB capacities across enterprise flash, disk and hybrid arrays.

Albireo SANblox is able to address 256 TBs of enterprise flash, disk and/or hybrid storage per appliance. Multiple appliances can be used together to meet the needs of PBs of storage.

Bottom Line Benefit:

  • Provide global deduplication across 100s of TBs of data, addresssing the capabilities of even the most massive storage systems on the market today
  • Deliver the largest possible data optimization pools with the lowest possible footprint to control storage costs

Resource Efficiency

Most deduplication solutions are resource intensive in terms of memory and CPU utilization. The culmination of over 10 years of research and development in data reduction technologies, the Albireo product line uniquely delivers extreme resource efficiency second to none in the storage industry.

Albireo SDK, the foundation of Permabit’s Albireo product line, is the only deduplication indexing technology able to index 10 TB of 4 KB blocks in as little as 256 GB of memory. Other common indexing techniques in use today require as much as 100 times the memory of the Albireo SDK.

Albireo VDO operates with DRAM requirements as low as 0.11 GB/TB while delivering deduplication, HIOPS Compression and fine-grained (4KB) thin provisioning functionality to a storage stack. Solutions built with VDO (including the Albireo SANblox appliance) are 13X-40X more memory efficient than solutions offered by Pure Storage. The compact Albireo footprint allows OEMs to deliver larger array sizes on low cost platforms.

Bottom Line Benefit:

  • Add data reduction capabilities to existing SKUs without increasing Bill of Materials costs
  • Deliver solutions that excel in effective cost, effective capacity and effective performance at a low price