Albireo SANblox™


Albireo SANblox™ is the storage industry’s first high-performance data reduction appliance for Fibre Channel SANs — the only appliance on the market to include inline deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning. SANblox can be deployed to all-flash, hybrid, or HDD environments in a matter of hours to provide typical 6:1 data reduction benefit.

SANblox delivers 85% reduction in cost, 6X more capacity and up to 400% higher performance with less than half-millisecond latency, giving you SAN-equivalent flash performance at a fraction of the cost. SANblox is a must-have for all SAN arrays, enabling SAN deployments to leap forward in effective cost, capacity, and performance by adding cutting-edge data reduction capability — today.

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Available for on-premises, cloud, or hybrid deployments, Albireo SANblox delivers 6X­-35X data reduction through deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning of data associated with these common storage use cases:

SANblox delivers immediate data reduction savings for products from leading:

Competitive Edge

timerMaximum Performance: up to 180,000 4KB IOPS (RW70) per node

A single SANblox node can deliver up to 180,000 4 KB IOPS on random mixed (RW70) workloads with industry standard hardware components. Multiple nodes can be used to deliver additional performance. Since data reduction processing is done inline, on dedicated SANblox hardware, it will never impact the performance of data management functions on the storage server.

arrowsHighest Scalability: 
up to 256 TB of physical storage per node

A single SANblox node can address up to 256 TB of array ­provisioned LUNs. Multiple nodes can be used to deliver additional scalability. Single nodes scalability is over 3X that of Pure Storage solutions.


microchipSmallest Footprint: 1U Server, 2U in HA configurations

A single 1U server is capable of delivering 180,000 4 KB IOPS and addressing 256 TB of capacity. A second complete server can be added for high availability, ensuring no performance degradation, once a failover completes, should one occur.


SANblox is ready to ship and requires NO integration. It incorporates field proven technology from Permabit, Emulex and Red Hat, and it works with any storage unit that is certified to work with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5. Brocade and Cisco Fibre Channel switches are supported, as is connectivity with either Emulex or QLogic HBAs. Permabit has successfully validated SANblox compatibility with the following block-­based storage arrays:

  • IBM – FlashSystem™
  • Dell – SC8000 series
  • HDS – HUS
  • NetApp – E­Series
  • NEC – M­Series
  • Huawei – OceanStor T­Series
  • Fujitsu Eternus DX­F Series