Albireo Virtual Data Optimizer (VDO)


VDO (Virtual Data Optimizer) is a ready-to-run software package that delivers block-level deduplication, compression and thin provisioning capabilities to Linux. VDO operates inline at a 4 KB granularity, delivering the best possible balance of performance and data reduction rates. It leverages existing file systems, volume management and data protection to provide the fastest route to market for delivering superior data reduction solutions in Linux storage environments.

New in the latest release of VDO is the Optimizer which delivers increased data reduction rates for backup and archive workloads.

VDO’s patented Deduplication Index, Virtual Block Store, HIOPS Compression™, and Optimizer technologies are uniquely designed to work with HDD, flash, and Hybrid storage. Two versions of VDO are offered by Permabit:

VDO for Data Centers – intended for use with Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Ubuntu Linux LTS by:

VDO for OEM – targeted at Linux-based solutions from:


Perfect for deployment on-premises, cloud, or in  hybrid cloud environments, Albireo VDO delivers 2X-35X data reduction through deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning of data associated with these common storage use cases:

VDO is the ideal data reduction solution for products from leading:

Competitive Edge

timerMaximum performance: up to 650,000 4K IOPS (RW70)

Albireo VDO has demonstrated 650K 4K IOPS on random mixed (70/30 R/W) workloads with industry standard hardware components which is more than 2X faster than products from Pure Storage!

microchipSmallest footprint:  268 MB RAM / TB of storage

Albireo VDO operates with DRAM requirements as low as 268 MB of RAM / TB of storage while delivering deduplication, HIOPS Compression and fine-grained (4 KB blocks) thin provisioning functionality to a storage stack. The compact VDO footprint allows OEMs to deliver larger array sizes on low cost platforms. Solutions built with VDO are over 11X more memory efficient than Pure Storage.

arrowsHighest Scalability: 4 PB of storage

Albireo VDO is the only hybrid cloud or OEM solution available that is able to deliver deduplication, compression and fine grained thin provisioning at up to 4 PB capacities across enterprise flash, disk and hybrid arrays. Vendors can utilize VDO to deliver solutions that are 57X more scalable than products from Pure Storage!


Because VDO is implemented as a Device-Mapper module for Linux, no integration is required.
To use VDO simply:

  1. Install the product on a Linux server
  2. Configure VDO to optimize storage accessible from that server


For solutions not based on the Linux block stack, VDO is designed to be sandwiched in between a vendor’s existing data management features. Vendor software is responsible for passing down read, write and unmap requests in 512 B or 4 KB chunks to VDO. In turn, VDO software virtualizes and thin provisions at a 4 KB granularity and applies deduplication and compression before passing read and write requests to the underlying storage.