Albireo REPLICA is a remote file copy service that works in concert with Albireo VDO to provide data optimization for content both over the wire and at rest. REPLICA software optimizes data before it is copied to a VDO-enabled device running the REPLICA service. The result is industry-leading bandwidth optimization that surpasses the capabilities of other products on the market today.

Business Value

Effective cost and effective capacity are the new metrics in primary storage.  By incorporating best of breed Albireo technologies into their storage offerings OEMS can sell their products at the highest margins and gain market share with Albireo across the board business advantages.

Increased Revenue

Albireo REPLICA allows OEMs to expand their market footprint by offering storage solutions for broader market use cases. REPLICA, in conjunction with Albireo VDO creates a storage offering that is optimized for remote file copy and migration services.

Increased Margins

Optimizing both data storage and transmission enables OEMs to provide more cost effective solutions to their customers and increases margins by reducing CAPEX and OPEX costs.

Greatly Accelerated Time to Market with Minimal Risk

REPLICA is an add-on to Albireo VDO providing a complete turn-key data optimization solution that can be implemented in months with minimal development resources. This increases time to market while also dramatically reducing internal development costs.

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Rapid deployment time Delivers “Instant bandwidth reduction” without changes to existing file systems or other storage or data management features.
Flexible deployment options Can deployed in various configurations: one-to-one, bi-directional, many-to-one, one-to-many, chained
Remote copy/migration Reduces bandwidth utilization and management complexity for file copy and migration deployments

How it Works

REPLICA consists of two components: a REPLICA client with access to the source data, and a REPLICA service running on a remote VDO-enabled storage target. When a file is sent these two components work in tandem with VDO to transfer only the unique source data needed to reconstruct the file on the target. If one or more blocks of the file already exist on the target — for instance if another version of the file exists on the server, or if an interrupted file transfer is resumed — those blocks will not be re-transmitted.

Once all of the file data exists on the storage target, VDO ensures that it remains in its optimized form. A REPLICA client can also replicate files to multiple VDO-enabled storage targets without any on-disk or over-the-wire rehydration of the data — saving bandwidth, processing cycles, and caching space.


Key Features Explained

A Complete Solution for Easy Implementation

REPLICA provides a complete, ready-to-run solution for Linux-based storage OEMs, with support for all major Linux versions used by the storage industry, providing the flexibility needed to deploy REPLICA anywhere and everywhere it is needed. The solution delivers everything needed for deploying advanced file-level replication, including binaries, management scripts, and full documentation.

Permabit provides full technical assistance to ensure rapid and seamless integration to deliver the solution quickly. Typically, REPLICA OEMs will have an operational solution on the first day of receiving the kit and can immediately begin tuning and testing for their specific configurations.

Deployment Scenarios

REPLICA can be used both for file replication between VDO-enabled storage devices and for remote file copy from any supported device to VDO-enabled storage.

VDO Replication

REPLICA provides bandwidth optimized offsite replication of files between VDO-enabled storage devices. In the simplest case, files can be copied in their optimized format between two storage systems. Offsite replication is a critical component of any disaster preparedness strategy. REPLICA is designed to help OEMs address the operational and compliance requirements for remote replication by leveraging the built-in snapshotting capabilities of Linux and VDO data deduplication capabilities to ensure fast and efficient offsite replication. OEMs can support several replication topologies by combining REPLICA with VDO-enabled storage systems including:

  • replica-multi-300x153One-to-One: Source files are replicated from one storage system to another
  • Bi-Directional: Files at one site are replicated to another site and vice-versa
  • Many-to-One: Source files from different sites are replicated to a single site
  • One-to-Many: A single source replicates files to many sites
  • Chained: A source file can be replicated to another site and then transferred on to a third location

Remote VDO Copy/Migration

REPLICA can be used to copy files from any supported client, running either Windows or Linux OS, to VDO-enabled storage. In this scenario, REPLICA does not optimize files on the source storage media. Instead, file contents are reduced prior to transfer and then stored in optimized format on one or more target systems. This scenario is ideal for providing full backups of desktop or mobile devices, but also can be used to efficiently migrate files from legacy storage devices onto modern VDO-enabled storage devices. The resulting bandwidth optimization reduces overhead on local networks and lowers the cost of data transfers to the cloud.