Cloud Storage


Every major Cloud Service Provider either has some form of data reduction today, or has it on their roadmap. Why? Because adding data reduction can quickly drive cloud storage prices down to 15% of today’s rates. Immediate action is what’s required to compete in this environment.

The days of simply driving down cost by riding the commodity hardware pricing curve are gone. Software is the new frontier for lower storage costs, and data reduction is at the forefront. In fact, it’s the only way for you to compete in a market where your biggest competitors reduce prices multiple times each and every year. Cloud providers with the best data reduction will be able to deliver the greatest capacity and highest performance for the lowest price. If that’s why you’ve come to Permabit, then we’re here to help.

What if you could:

Deliver the performance of all-flash storage for a fraction of the cost of your competitors next month?

Scale data reduction across PBs storage, eliminating redundancies across thousands (or even millions) of customer environments?

Provide software data reduction to your customers with 1/100th the hardware resources of your competitors?

With Permabit Albireo you can. Permabit enables storage providers to get to market quickly with data reduction solutions that deliver the highest performance, the largest capacity with the lowest resource overhead available for On Premises, Hybrid, and Cloud storage.