Hybrid Storage


If you’re a cloud services provider with hybrid cloud opportunities, you’re aware that market share leaders (such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure) already offer gateways that simplify uploading and accessing cloud data.  It’s old news that these gateways quickly expand IaaS businesses.

Software data reduction is the foundation of a powerful, differentiated gateway. End-users happily transfer and store 6 times as much data for the same cost at faster upload and access speeds.

Data reduction gives you a competitive edge. It means more opportunity for larger applications to utilize your cloud infrastructure. Once data is in the cloud, everything becomes less expensive. Bandwidth and storage costs are cut for multi-site replicas as well as throughout the storage life-cycle from your highest end storage services to your least expensive archive offerings. Hybrid cloud providers that deliver the best data reduction today will outperform on price, performance, and customer satisfaction. If that’s why you’ve come to Permabit, we’re here to help.

What if you could:

Increase the speed of data transfers at a fraction of the cost of your competitors?

Support enterprise flash levels of performance both on premises and in the cloud?

Deliver data reduction even to PB scale hybrid environments?

Provide the benefits of software data reduction to your customers with 1/100th the hardware resources of your competitors?

With Permabit Albireo you can. Permabit enables storage providers to get to market quickly with data reduction solutions that deliver the highest performance, the largest capacity with the lowest resource overhead available for On Premises, Hybrid and  Cloud storage.