The Albireo COMPRESS product works in conjunction with deduplication technology provided by Permabit’s Albireo Virtual Data Optimizer (VDO) to provide inline, block-level compression for Linux-based storage OEMs. Many of the leading enterprise storage products include both data deduplication and compression. Delivering COMPRESS with VDO is the best option for OEMs looking to provide deduplication and compression and strategically align their offerings with the “Big Storage” providers.

Business Value

Effective cost and effective capacity are the new metrics in primary storage.  By incorporating best of breed Albireo technologies into their storage offerings OEMS can sell their products at the highest margins and gain market share with Albireo across the board business advantage.

Increased Revenue

Albireo COMPRESS allows OEMs to expand their market footprint by offering storage solutions for broader market use cases. COMPRESS, in conjunction with Albireo VDO creates a storage offering that is optimized for inline deduplication and inline compression. This combined solution provides a competitive edge that most primary storage solutions can’t offer today.

Increased Margins

By combining compression with deduplication, OEMs can provided the most cost effective storage in the industry. By increasing the effective capacity of storage, the effective cost of storage shrinks. The more efficient the storage is utilized, the higher the product margins.

Greatly Accelerated Time to Market with Minimal Risk

COMPRESS is an add-on to Albireo VDO providing a complete turn-key data optimization solution that can be implemented in months with minimal development resources. This increases time to market while also dramatically reducing internal development costs.

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Rapid deployment time Operates in concert with Albireo VDO deduplication and thin provisioning. “Just works” out-of-the-box with existing file systems and data management features.
Inline compression Storage space is immediately optimized without having to wait for a post-process optimization step
Block-level compression Provides fine grained optimization
Dedupe before compression Only compresses unique blocks the first time they are seen eliminating need for CPU cycles to compress duplicate blocks
High performance random reads Only uncompresses requested blocks providing best performance across all workloads

How it Works

COMPRESS and VDO work together.  Deduplication is the first step (Figure 1), with VDO analyzing data to determine if it has previously been seen.  Compression is then applied to the remaining unique data.  Using deduplication as the first step ensures that redundant copes are dealt with efficiently, without requiring an additional compression step, thus saving CPU cycles.

VDO analyzes each block to determine if it has been seen before. Blocks that have been previously stored are not written again. Instead, deduplication is applied and the index is updated to make note of the duplicate block. If the block represents unique data, COMPRESS analyzes it and uses a best-fit packing algorithm to find multiple compressed blocks that can be written within a single physical block. This saves processing cycles, reduces storage consumption, and increases compression throughput efficiency.

Key Features Explained

Fast Route to Market

Albireo COMPRESS operates in concert with Albireo VDO deduplication and thin provisioning and  “Just works” out-of-the-box with existing file systems and data management features.  It supports existing Linux-based unified storage solutions without modification and a wide range of Linux distributions including CentOS, Debian, Red Hat, SuSE and Ubuntu.

Competitive Advantages

COMPRESS leverages the industry-leading data optimization capabilities of Albireo VDO to provide an efficient and scalable data optimization solution. It provides industry-leading scalability that grows with the OEMs’ storage product lines as their scale and capabilities expand to penetrate mid-market and enterprise accounts. Albireo COMPRESS and VDO enable storage OEMs to implement leading data optimization technology today with an out-of-the-box solution for Linux.