Cloud Object Storage Software

Cloud Object Storage Software

The Challenge

Storage has become the largest line item for IT budgets. The increasing climate of austerity is placing further demands on IT departments to significantly reduce their storage costs.  In an effort to lower total costs, organizations are turning to cloud-based object storage services.  To succeed as a technology supplier in this market, a vendor must be able to deliver solutions that scale to exabytes and billions of objects while maintaining performance at scale and minimizing cost.

The Solution

When a leading Object Storage software vendor was asked to help their cloud services customers better control costs, they knew they needed data deduplication. They turned to Permabit. With the Albireo SDK, they were able to leverage their existing storage management capabilities to complete the initial implementation with Permabit’s grid (scale-out) Albireo index in a matter of days, using just six simple API function calls.  The API was rapidly integrated into software components at both the host and target (cloud provider) levels.

Utilizing Albireo SDK, the vendor lowered the effective cost of exabytes of storage and reduced network bandwidth requirements (by eliminating unnecessary writes) for some of the largest cloud service deployments in the world.