Enterprise Flash Caching Appliance

Deduplication for Enterprise Flash Caching Appliance

The Challenge

In the world of high performance flash caching appliances, performance is king.  These products are designed to sit in front of traditional disk and provide performance at a fraction of the cost of a pure enterprise flash array. When a leading vendor began to target Virtual Machine workloads, they quickly realized they could make more efficient use of flash-based cache to provide improved overall performance without adding additional hardware components to their systems.

The Solution

The vendor determined that deduplication technology would allow them to substantially increase the amount of VM data they could cache in flash, so they turned to Permabit.  Because this vendor already utilized a Linux OS, they were able to quickly evaluate and choose Albireo VDO for their deduplication approach. Albireo VDO provides complete, deduplication and thin-provisioning capabilities within a ready-to-run Linux device-mapper module. Once installed, they simply exported Albireo VDO as a normal block device to be used by their caching software. Albireo deduplication provided the competitive edge this vendor needed to extend the amount of cache exposed by their solution, without increasing costs.