Enterprise NAS

Deduplication for Enterprise NAS

The Challenge

When a renowned high performance NAS vendor made the move into the general purpose NAS space, they knew they needed deduplication. They also had to differentiate their capability from others on the market by making sure that it was the most flexible available – able to support the high performance, scalability and quality for which the vendor is known throughout the industry.

The Solution

Faced with these requirements, the vendor turned to Permabit. By linking the Albireo SDK with their own high performance file system, this vendor will leverage advanced enterprise storage mangement capabilities of their NAS system to develop a game-changing deduplication solution. A key component in this equation is the Albireo index which provides fast deduplication advice to the existing solution stack at ingest time, identifying duplicate data blocks in under 10 microseconds even on full systems. With Albireo, the vendor file system will deliver high performance scalable deduplication while continuing to manage data and maintain integrity just as it did prior to integration.