Permabit Albireo SDK for Cloud Service Providers

Are you feeling increasing pressure from competitors that are lowering their costs and margins to grow cloud footprints? The mad dash to build market share, establish new global data centers, and increase service offerings requires heavy investment. Have you added data reduction to your application stack in order to grow faster and make more efficient use of existing storage as well as data center space? Adding data reduction increases storage efficiency, allowing you to lower prices and increase margin at the same time.

What if you could:

Reduce your storage hardware costs by storing more data more efficiently?

Reduce dev-ops costs by lowering your storage hardware overhead and reducing the amount of storage you have to manage?

Support mixed on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments with ease by leveraging an industry-leading common capacity optimization data format?

With Permabit Albireo SDK, you can.


The Albireo SDK Advantage

For Cloud Service Providers, Albireo SDK delivers inline data deduplication that reduces data storage requirements and network traffic by 5X-35X. Albireo SDK benefits include:

  • Immediate competitive response to low-cost competitive offerings
  • Increasing the amount of data stored per server, thus maximizing the storage per square foot in your data center
  • Increasing your ability to address rapidly growing storage requirements, without increasing the size of your data center
  • Increasing storage reliability by reducing wear on storage media (HDD and flash)
  • Optimizing network utilization by transmitting less data across the network

Albireo SDK Business Impact

  • Competitively differentiate your offerings
  • Reduce your CAPEX by lowering storage and data center costs
  • Reduce your OPEX by lowering maintenance costs associated with storage consumption
  • Meet high data growth requirements with unparalleled scalability