Permabit Albireo SDK for Storage OEMs

thumbnail_SDK_OEMAs a Storage OEM today, you’re watching your industry transform, driven by technical innovation and the emergence of new, all-flash and hybrid storage providers. Disruption comes not only from innovations in flash technology with its performance differential, but also from data reduction technologies that now make it possible to deliver high-performance flash at a cost comparable to disk.

Competing with these transformational changes in storage may have driven you to drop prices and lower margins, changing the business models that you’ve operated under in the past. To survive in this transformational period, you must offer next-generation storage that leverages innovations in both flash and data reduction. As a core component of next-generation storage, data reduction technologies (deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning) enable you to deliver capacity-optimized, high-performance flash storage at a cost comparable to disk.

What if you could:

Immediately provide industry-leading data reduction solutions to your customers and level the competitive playing field with new entrants — while retaining your margins?

Provide the right amount of storage at the right time to meet your customer expectations and price points?

Innovate for tomorrow with format-compatible, embeddable software components that can best leverage the future capabilities of your specialized hardware and software roadmaps?

With Permabit Albireo SDK, you can.


The Albireo SDK Advantage

For Storage OEMs, Albireo SDK delivers data deduplication that reduces data storage costs by as much as 5X-35X. Albireo SDK benefits include:

  • Reducing the amount of data stored, thus lowering the effective cost per GB
  • Increasing effective storage capacity to address data growth and storage expansion requirements
  • Increasing storage reliability by reducing wear on storage media (HDD and flash)
  • Optimizing network utilization by transmitting less data across the network

Albireo SDK Business Impact

  • Competitively differentiate your products
  • Deliver storage systems with efficiency that is 6X faster and 10X more scalable than your nearest competitors
  • Provide flash storage at a lower effective cost, with a higher effective capacity
  • Extend your product lifecycle and enable in-field upgrades by retrofitting currently deployed platforms
  • Improve quality of service and meet SLA goals by offering scalability that meets today’s demand for data growth
  • Increase customer satisfaction and compete more effectively for new business
  • Enable your customers to:
    • Reduce their CAPEX and stay within their budgets
    • Reduce their OPEX by lowering maintenance costs associated with storage consumption
    • Scale to address high data growth requirements and enhance their SLA attainment