Permabit Albireo VDO for Original Device Manufacturers

If you’re an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM), you’re living in a world of increasing competitive pressure driven by two major forces: the consumerization of IT and the extremely competitive price demands of hyper-scale deployments. The only way forward in this business environment is to lower costs by driving down margins and gaining footprint in this new world. Some companies in your industry are avoiding this trap by combining hardware components with high-margin software add-ons that further enhance functionality. The most successful of these offerings are those that can enhance both efficiency and performance. Because data reduction can effectively increase both capacity and addressable cache, it’s the only software that solves both problems at once.

What if you could:

Rapidly integrate industry-leading data reduction into your components and deliver high value-add software to commodity hardware — while increasing your operating efficiency?

Deliver solutions that scale from SMB to high-end customers with the same technology, thereby expanding your market opportunity?

Innovate for tomorrow with format-compatible, embeddable software components that will best leverage the future capabilities of your specialized hardware and software roadmaps?

With Permabit Albireo VDO, you can.


The Albireo VDO Advantage

For ODMs, Albireo VDO delivers data reduction (inline data deduplication, compression and thin provisioning) that reduces data storage requirements and network traffic by 5X-35X while increasing cache hit rates. Albireo benefits include:

  • Reducing the amount of data stored, thereby lowering the effective cost per GB
  • Optimizing effective storage capacity to address data growth and storage expansion requirements
  • Increasing storage reliability by reducing wear on storage media (HDD and flash)
  • Optimizing network utilization by transmitting less data across the network
  • Improving overall operating efficiency

Albireo VDO Business Impact

  • Competitively differentiate your offerings
  • Deliver storage systems with efficiency that is 6X faster and 10X more scalable than your nearest competitors
  • Increase revenues by offering higher margin software solutions
  • Increase overall sales revenue by adding data reduction software solutions to current solutions
  • Improve quality of service and SLA goal attainment while increasing customer satisfaction and retention