VDO for Data Centers: OEM Program

What is Permabit Albireo VDO?

VDO is data reduction software that provides native data deduplication and compression capabilities to the Linux kernel.

How is it deployed?

VDO is packaged as an RPM for simple installation on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS 6/7.

What are the benefits to the OEM?

By offering VDO, OEMs will:

  • Profit from the sale of the only complete, block-based data reduction solution for Linux
  • Address a common RFP storage efficiency requirement
  • Provide deduplication and compression for products that don’t offer the feature
  • Reduce support costs by increasing storage hardware durability
  • Win against competing products that offer deduplication and compression

What are the benefits to the end customer?

Customer benefits are:

  • Storage Efficiency: Deduplication and compression reduce footprint, allowing more data to fit within a data center’s physical space constraints
  • Extended Storage Lifespan: Less data is written to storage media
  • Broad Applicability: Supports Linux servers using direct or SAN attached storage
  • Linux Compatibility: Works with Linux-based block, file, and object software-defined storage
  • Flexibility: Supports bare-metal and VM-based deployments on-premises and in the cloud
  • Performance:Delivers the low latency and high IOPS required to support VM hosting, containers, bare-metal databases, and big data analytics

How is it priced?

List pricing for Permabit VDO starts at $199 USD annual for a 16 TB per-node license. Additional licenses can be purchased to accommodate larger capacity or more nodes. Pricing includes a perpetual software license plus 1 year of software maintenance. Access to future software updates and support requires an annual renewal. A 256 TB site license is also available for $2,999 USD under the same terms as the 16TB license.