Permabit Data Reduction Solutions For:

Storage OEMs

What if you could:

  • Provide solutions that have data reduction as a core component?
  • Deliver better data reduction than what your competitors offer?
  • Offer data reduction across your product portfolio?

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Are you looking to offer storage solutions that:

  • Grow your footprint with hyper-scale service providers?
  • Deliver software add-ons that increase your margins?
  • Provide data reduction as a core component?

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The Cloud

Are you feeling pressure to:

  • Increase cloud utilization?
  • Deliver lower cost storage?
  • Achieve higher Service Level Objectives? (SLO) ?
  • Deliver open storage solutions powered by Linux?
  • Avoid data center expansion?

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Software Defined Storage Vendors

Are you trying to differentiate your products and:

  • Deliver a complete storage solution that includes data reduction?
  • Achieve higher Service Level Objectives (SLO)?
  • Displace traditional enterprise storage hardware?

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Data Center Managers

Are you struggling to:

  • Control data growth within your your existing SAN?
  • Move from legacy SAN to a modern Hybrid Cloud environment?
  • Limit future data center build out costs through increased data center density?
  • Manage CAPEX and OPEX costs and stay within your tight budget?
  • Deliver storage performance SLAs that meets users' demands?

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