Solutions for the Cloud

By 2020, 80% of data will be stored in the cloud. If you’re a cloud service provider, or a data center manager responsible for your organization’s hybrid cloud environment, data reduction can significantly alter your storage economics by transforming existing data centers into high density environments and reducing storage power consumption.  Data reduction is a technology that allows you to put off data center expansion saving millions of dollars.

Data reduction delivers instant cost savings to cloud service providers. And, the cost advantages from new capacity optimized storage services could trigger another round of cloud storage price cuts. What would you do if your competitors cut their cloud storage prices in half? Can you match similar cutthroat prices?  For hybrid cloud providers, applying data reduction to on-premises data storage can halve the cost of storage and enable you to cut operating expense to 1/6 of current levels. The addition of data reduction also enables you to optimize network utilization which substantially improves response time of data stored in the cloud.

In addition the inclusion of data reduction can optimize your storage utilization and increase your data density enabling you to avoid data center expansion.


What if you could:

Double the amount of storage that can fit in each square foot of your data center.

Transform existing data centers into high density environments while reducing power consumption

Drastically lower your storage and bandwidth costs?

Competitively differentiate your cloud environment by adding deduplication in weeks?

Deliver capacity-optimized gateways that speed up data transfers while reducing costs, making your offerings more attractive to hybrid cloud customers?

With Permabit Albireo, you can.

Unparalleled Cloud Data Reduction

The Albireo Advantage

Albireo is the industry’s leading inline data deduplication, compression, and thin provisioning technology. It immediately reduces storage costs by 85% and increases effective storage capacity by at least five hundred percent. Albireo benefits include:

  • Lower storage costs immediately for competitive advantage
  • Increase storage reliability by reducing wear on storage media (HDD and flash)
  • Optimize network utilization by transmitting less data across the network
  • Use 2 times less power  for the same cloud storage capacity

Albireo Business Impact

  • Save millions by transforming existing data centers into high density environments while reducing power consumption
  • Gain a competitive edge with differentiated geo distribution services
  • Meet high data growth requirements with unparalleled scalability
Albireo SDK: Ready-to-Code
  • Includes: Albireo Deduplication Index
  • Duplicate identification for any platform
  • C-language library with full documentation and support

SDK for Cloud Service Providers Solution Sheet

Albireo VDO: Ready-to-Run
  • Includes: Albireo Deduplication Index, Optimizer, Virtual Block Store, and HIOPS Compression™
  • Complete data reduction solution for any environment: 4 KB granularity, thin provisioning, inline compression, and inline deduplication
  • The “Only” modular data reduction solution for Linux
  • Off-the-shelf data reduction for Linux, portable to any other OS

VDO for Cloud Service Providers Solution Sheet