Market Challenges

The amount of electronic data stored worldwide is on track to exceed 40 zettabytes by 2020. As the data footprint expands, storing and managing information becomes more costly. By 2015, nearly 20% of all information will be “touched” by the cloud which represents a tremendous growth opportunity for today’s online IT service providers. Their challenge is to gain market share and maintain extremely efficient business operations to enable them to offer cost effective information storage compared to existing in-house data center operations. The simple and direct answer is to employ data efficiency technologies to address their two most cost conscious challenges, storing data and transporting data via the network.

The Albireo Advantage

Albireo is the industry’s first purpose-built data efficiency software designed to meet the needs of cloud suppliers who wish to offer their customers lower costs for the transmission and storage of data. For our OEMs Albireo delivers source-based deduplication at the sub-file level, which can be flexibly deployed in cloud storage and cloud server (virtual machine) architectures without sacrificing existing functionality. With an Albireo-enabled cloud framework, service providers can leverage their existing R&D investments while reducing their capital expense for storage and accelerating time to market for must-have, industry-leading data optimization capabilities.

Albireo delivers a data efficiency solution suite including data deduplication, compression, thin provisioning and replication and when data efficiency technologies are applied to in cloud offerings the benefits are;

  • Cuts the amount of storage required by 5- 35X
  • Scales out to PBs of storage to address rapid storage expansion requirements
  • Increases storage reliability by reducing wear on disk
  • Increases efficiency by offering fine-grain (4 KB) block deduplication – the most effective way of lowering cost per GB
  • Provides collision-resistant SHA-256 hashes to ensure data security
  • Reduces network bandwidth consumption by 5-35X
  • Supports convergent encryption models to ensure privacy for shared data in multi-tenant environments
  • Addresses cross-platform host requirements by supporting popular OS platforms as source deduplication targets

Albireo Business Impact

From a business perspective cloud service providers face an interesting conundrum; How to grow their business when data growth is outstripping the efficiencies that they can provide from their economies of scale model?  With Permabit Albireo these issue can easily be addressed.

The business benefits are:

  • Reduces storage and network consumption by 5-35X reducing OPEX
  • Reduces bandwidth consumption by lowering the number of writes to the cloud
  • Scales to rapidly address ever-expanding service requirements for more data storage
  • Lowers cost of cloud storage by reducing the amount of data stored increasing operating efficiency
  • Improves quality of service and increases customer satisfaction for improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduces maintenance costs because less storage is needed resulting in less staff and resource utilization
  • Provides operating efficiency competitive cost differentiation enabling increased revenue and market share