Data Protection

Market Challenges

Rampant data growth is forcing data protection solutions to evolve beyond traditional backup schemes.  Businesses are modernizing their approaches to data protection by adding new software solutions, appliances, and cloud services that enhance their existing data protection methods.

The most important capability that data protection strategies can employ is data deduplication and compression because they reduce storage consumption and cost. Dedupe and compression are easily adapted to address enterprise backup, purpose built Data Protection Appliances, and backup to the cloud.

Data growth has increased data volumes and has tightened backup windows resulting in missed or partial backups or necessitating reduced backup frequency putting data at risk. The most common culprit is legacy dedupe and compression technology’s that cannot keep pace with today’s data volume.

The Albireo Advantage

For our OEMs Permabit Albireo can be deployed in backup software, data protection appliances or via the cloud. The advantages of Permabit Albireo include:

  • Delivers enterprise-class inline performance
  • Offers resource-efficient, massively scalable indexing
  • Offer content aware segmentation to optimize data reduction
  • Provides bandwidth optimization without the traditionally associated overhead
  • Reduces deduplication memory requirements by over 90%
  • Increases efficiency by reducing the effective cost per GB stored

 Albireo Business Impact

Data protection solutions, whether delivered via software, appliances or the cloud must perform consistently and flawlessly.

Incorporating Albireo into data protection solutions delivers:

  • Reduced deduplication resource requirements enabling update in place enhancement
  • Lower customer cost of data protection cycles as a result of improved performance and enables backup window attainment
  • Reduced manpower and resource load of backup reducing OPEX
  • Reduced bandwidth requirements by lowering the number of writes to the cloud optimizing bandwidth utilization
  • Scale-up as data growth continues to meet data growth projections and meet SLA goals
  • Development cost efficiency because Albireo is a tested and proven solution that enables development capital to be targeted at core business competencies rather than a point dedupe solution