Enterprise Flash

Market Challenges

Flash based storage is the most rapidly growing segment of the storage industry.  Flash delivers I/O performance that enables storage to keep pace with server processors. Applications of flash solutions have emerged such as:

  • Enterprise Flash Arrays
  • Enterprise Flash Cache Solutions
  • Solid State Devices (SSDs)
  • PCIe cards

The critical challenges for flash storage are two fold;

  • Broad adoption is inhibited by price differential(flash premium)  between flash based storage and HDD storage
  • Integral storage solutions such as data efficiency (deduplication and compression) ,thin provisioning, replication have been missing in initial flash offerings and are only now emerging but have been “check-box versions” that do not deliver the robust capabilities seen in HDD implementations.

The Albireo Advantage

For our OEMs, Albireo delivers a high performance data efficiency suite including inline data deduplication, inline compression, fine-grained thin provisioning and replication that can rapidly and seamlessly be applied to most flash storage technologies.   When data efficiency technologies are applied to flash the benefits are;

  • Increased performance while lowering the cost per write operation
  • Increased effective DRAM cache size because of Albireo efficient technology footprint
  • Reduced average read latency by utilizing algorithms designed specifically for flash environments
  • Increased reliability by reducing the number of writes (translates to increased write cycles)
  • Increased efficiency by lowering the effective cost per GB stored

Albireo Business Impact

Albireo delivers a data efficiency suite of solutions including data deduplication, compression, thin provisioning and replication. When applied in a flash environment Albireo closes the cost and data safety gaps that have been inhibitors to more widespread flash adoption. Permabit Albireo has been designed specifically to meet the demands of these I/O intensive devices using patented technology and algorithms that optimize resource efficiency in solid state environments. The business benefits are;

  • Lowers both cost per write operation and effective cost per GB stored closing the cost gap with HDD
  • Improves quality of service and increases customer satisfaction delivering target SLAs
  • Reduces maintenance costs because less storage is needed optimizing OPEX
  • Provides competitive differentiation enabling increased revenue and market share