Enterprise NAS

Market Challenges

Network Attached Storage (NAS) has rapidly evolved as a substantial part of the IT landscape. NAS storage typically supports “unstructured data” office documents, source code files, graphics, videos, music and images which represents the fastest growing data type. Contributing to NAS growth is the explosion of virtual machine images in the enterprise which Gartner estimates will be 50% of the world’s server deployments will be by 2015.

The rapid growth of NAS is a test of storage scalability. Unstructured data generally contains significant data duplicates as a result of multiple copies or versions generated as materials are developed and edited yielding up to 75% of unstructured data duplicates according to various industry sources.

The Albireo Advantage

Frequently redundant data makes NAS an ideal candidate for Albireo data efficiency for OEMS that require data deduplication, compression, thin provisioning  and replication. When Albireo is applied to enterprise NAS environments, data reduction rates of 5-35X are typical. For this reason, the leading enterprise NAS solution providers all incorporate some degree of data optimization today – making it a must-have feature in today’s competitive storage market.

When Albireo is applied to NAS storage the solution can deliver;

  • Increased efficiency by lowering the effective cost per GB stored
  • Increased performance by reducing the amount of data written to disk
  • Improved reliability by reducing both wear on disk and load on the network
  • Avoids any impact to existing enterprise NAS feature

Albireo Business Impact

Albireo applied to NAS Storage solutions delivers the efficiency that is needed in today’s tight IT budget environments.  By reducing data by up to 97%, less storage is consumed and network traffic is optimized. The business benefits are;

  • Lowers cost of NAS by reducing the amount of data stored driving down $/GB
  • Reduces maintenance costs because less storage is needed resulting in fewer resource to manage
  • Enables data growth to be efficiently managed enabling SLA targets to be met
  • Reduces budget impacts resulting from rapid data growth
  • Provides a must-have feature expected by Enterprise NAS customers and delivered by leading products today