Enterprise SAN

Market Challenges

SAN storage is an integral part of IT strategies because the ability to quickly and seamlessly move data from applications to storage devices has become one of the cornerstones of IT.  SAN network speed and storage capacity are the two critical components of SANs and have enabled SAN storage to become the dominant storage approach in data center IT strategies.

Today data center capital investments in SAN infrastructure have slowed markedly. In today’s business economy IT capital budgets are severely constrained and not expected to grow substantially. This has resulted in in extended lifecycles for existing SAN infrastructures by 20% or more resulting in flat to negative growth for SAN storage platform purveyors.

In contrast, data creation continues to expand 30% or more annually increasing SAN storage consumption and saturating network capacity. The combination of tight budgets and rampant data growth, storage consumption and network saturation is placing increased stress on data centers ability to meet service level commitments.

The single solution to these contrasting conditions is to reduce the amount of data stored and transmitted in a SAN by implementing data efficiency technology in the existing SAN infrastructure since most data is highly redundant by as much as 75% according to industry analysts.

The Albireo Advantage

For our OEMs Albireo delivers a suite of data efficiency offerings (data deduplication, compression, thin provisioning and replication) that reduce data storage requirements and network traffic by as much as 5-35x.  Albireo benefits are;

  • Reduced data stored lowering the effective cost per GB stored
  • Increased storage effective capacity to address data growth and storage expansion requirements
  • Increased storage reliability by reducing wear on storage media (HDD and flash)
  • Optimized network utilization as a result of less data across the network

Albireo Business Impact

Albireo applied to existing SAN infrastructure delivers the lifecycle extension that is needed in today’s tight IT budget environments.  By reducing data by up to 97%, less storage is consumed and network traffic is optimized. The business benefits are;

  • Reduced storage costs that reduce CAPEX
  • Reduced maintenance costs as a result of reduced storage consumption delivering improve OPEX
  • Improved quality of service and SLA goal attainment while increasing customer satisfaction and retention
  • Storage vendors using Albireo products today are delivering storage systems with efficiency that is 6x faster and 10x more scalable than their nearest competitors.