HIOPS Compression™


While many vendors have compression technology today, the vast majority of compression technologies available are: incompatible with deduplication, implemented post-process, and/or unable to deliver performance with primary workloads. Few are able to deliver inline compression for random block I/O with little or no latency.

Our Solution

HIOPS Compression™ is the first compression technology capable of addressing these challenging requirements and able to support demanding Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) environments. HIOPS offers block level compression that is performance optimized for primary storage.  It is unique in the way it leverages Permabit’s advanced Albireo deduplication capabilities to deliver the industry’s highest performing combined compression and deduplication solution for data reduction.

Permabit Advantage

How It Works

Only compresses once – Permabit’s HIOPS Compression technology only needs to compress a block the first time it is seen. Thereafter, the compressed block will be deduplicated using the Permabit Deduplication Index. The Deduplication Index operates faster than any compression technology because it is able to identify duplicates at 200,000 IOPS per processor core.

Scale LZ4 compression across multiple cores – Many compressed blocks can be stored a single block at once. Several compression operations can run across multiple processor cores maximizing CPU utilization to scale performance. HIOPS can compress at more than 100,000 IOPS per core.

Track blocks in real time – If a block is overwritten with unique data, new space is found. If no more copies of the old block exist, its space is immediately available, without the need for any garbage collection.