Management & Orchestration

The Challenge

Storage providers are looking to get to market as a quickly as possible with data reduction solutions that offer plug and play simplicity and simple management features. End users are looking for ease of use that enables them to quickly start offering data reduction savings in their SAN environments.

Our Solution

Adding an intuitive, easy to use management and orchestration layer on top of our SANblox™ appliance addressed this challenge.

Management and Orchestration

Permabit delivers Management and Orchestration technologies for SCSI-based storage in a ready-to-ship package with our SANblox appliance. The technology can be used to perform a broad range of tasks including establishing storage pools, volumes, WWNs, SCSI paths, LUN permissions, HA failover, and system health.  It is designed to manage both Permabit and third-party components including:

  • Albireo VDO
  • Linux SCST Target
  • Linux Multipath
  • LVM
  • HBA drivers
  • IPMI
  • Red Hat HA
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Permabit Advantage

With easy-to-use interfaces that simplify installation and daily management, Permabit’s Management and Orchestration technologies provide the fastest way to get to market with our SANblox product.

How It Works

Configuration database – All configuration data is maintained both in Linux configuration files and a simple database to ensure configuration integrity.

Stateless CLI – Manages all configuration changes and health monitoring.

Stateless GUI – Performs all operations through the CLI to ensure consistency between the two management environments.

RESTful Interface – Provided by the GUI for third-party applications.