The Challenge

While many solutions exist for providing specialized deduplication for backup and archive applications, no single data reduction solution exists that can effectively be used for primary data as well.

Our Solution

Optimizer is a new file system technology for Linux that is delivered as part of Permabit Albireo VDO. Optimizer enables deduplication to be used effectively for backup and archive applications. With Optimizer, backup and archive workloads can see the same 20:1 data reduction rates as seen when utilizing special-purpose data reduction appliances.  Significant savings are derived from increasing the utilization of current primary storage and eliminating the need to buy and manage purpose-built appliances.

Permabit Advantage

Today, there is no other solution that addresses the deduplication requirements for primary, backup and archive storage environments.  VDO Optimizer is a unique product that makes it possible to create unified storage solutions that work on-premises, in hybrid cloud, and in public cloud environments.

How It Works

Optimizer is implemented as a file system layer that gets mounted on top of an existing Linux file system which scans all incoming files and identifies boundaries for optimal data reduction. The data is then written out in a special block-aligned format such that it can be easily deduplicated by an underlying block device that delivers fixed 4K block-aligned deduplication and compression.